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  • Three Directional Movable Mixing MachineHD type three directional movable mixing machine is a novel type product in replace of two dimensional movement of traditional equipment, which features highly effective, long service life and safe operation. It shows optimal effect especially for high degree of uniformity of the granules or powders with distinct humidity, flexibility and specific gravity.
  • Trough Medical MixerTrough medical mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, primarily dealing with evenly mixed powder or pasty materials. This device works by adoption of mechanical drive, and this method can improve the quality of each beach of mixture with high degree of uniformity.
    Firstly, this trough medical mixer rotates S type stirring paddle and turn over raw materials back and forth.
  • Double Cone Medicine MixerDouble cone medicine mixer possesses the same function as V type product, suited for electronic, dye, feedstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc. This product is good at mixing the powder or granule with fine flowability and can provide remarkable effect. Besides, it adopts the stainless steel material and the polished surface, featuring beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
  • V Type MixerV type mixer is primarily used for mixing dry powder or granule materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is characterized by unique structure, high mixing power, no dead corner, polished surface, attractive appearance, uniform mixing, wide application as well as stainless steel made barrel.
  • Tube Filling And Sealing MachineTube filling and sealing machine is a high tech product combined with foreign advanced technology and the GMP standard. As a desirable device, this product can be suited for filling and sealing of lead pipes, aluminum tubes, plastic tubes and composite tubes in cosmetics, medical, food, adhesive and other industries.
  • Tablet Dust CollectorCFQ-300 type tablet dust collector is specially produced to remove the dust on surface of tablets in such industries as medical, chemical, food and so on, which can fit into various types of tablet press machine and dust collection equipment. It is characterized by enclosed type, double sieve structure, high output efficiency, high dust removal rate, low noise, stable operation, continuous and adjustable speed as well as convenient to ...
  • Capsule PolisherCapsule polisher is an ideal equipment to burnish and clean the surface dust for a variety of capsules and tablets. It not only meets the hygienic requirement, but also significantly improves the quality and the efficiency of handwork.
    To provide polishing effect, our capsule polisher firstly pours the capsule in the hopper. Under the influence of the rotating polishing brush, the capsule is transported into the barrel and then ...
  • Capsule Sorter PolisherCapsule sorter polisher can be available in all kinds of capsules with no need for replacing molds. It is not only suitable for eliminating static electricity and polishing capsules and tablets, but also used to automatically weed out the capsules which possess minor loading, empty shell, fragments and the separated body caps.
  • Tablet PrinterTablet printer is an enclosed type product, which is entirely composed of stainless steel and meet the requirement of GMP. It features automatic print function, elegant appearance and convenient to operate and move, extremely suitable for printing fonts, trademarks and patterns on the surface of vacant capsule, solid capsule, soft capsule, as well as various types of tablets, irregular pills and candies.
  • Capsule PrinterCapsule printer is characterized by high working efficiency and low costs. In conformity with the GMP standard, all surfaces in contact with pharmaceuticals and the outer surface of our device consist of stainless steel. Besides, it is convenient, flexible for you by adoption of frequency control system and touch screen electrical control system. Furthermore, our product comes with advanced shutdown system so as to effectively protect all capsules.
  • Automatic Open Capsule And Powder Taking MachineAutomatic open capsule and powder taking machine is a multi functional equipment, composed of stainless steel. It always serves to recycle capsules, featuring high working efficiency, low labor strength, transparent working process, and convenient to unpick and wash. Besides, our product has well solved the mixed batch problem for centralized treatment.
  • Drug Inspection MachineDrug inspection machine is a newly developed product in combination with the requirement of domestic pharmaceutical industry and the foreign advanced technology. Also, it is an optimal device for inspection of hard capsule, soft capsule, tablets and pills, featuring no pollution, no static electricity, no corner, simple operation, low labor strength and high working efficiency in compliance with the GMP standard.
  • Flexo Printing Machine With Die CuttingYR-II series flexo printing machine with die cutting is based on advanced flexo graphic advice as well as domestic and foreign process. It can be extensively applicable in wine, tobacco, medical and other industries for adhesive packaging and printing.
  • Flexo Printing Machine With Three Cutting Applicable material: roll materials such as paper, film, aluminium foil, etc.
    Printing color: 1-6
    Max unwinding/rewinding diameter: 550mm
    Unwinding/rewinding shaft core: 3 inch
  • Adhesive Label Die Cutting MachineMQ-320 adhesive label die cutting machine can not only act as the optimal corollary equipment for rotogravure printer, continuous screen printer, flexo graphic printer and anti fake trademark molding machine, but also serve for various types of trademark factory, including polyester film type, counterfeit proof laser type as well as self adhesive paper type.
  • Intermittent/Full Rotary Cutting MachineTOP-300 type intermittent or full rotary cutting machine is a new type product, prominently characterized by humanity design and friendly operation. It is specially designed for the process of label conversion and finishing, providing a large number of functions for option like die cutting, flexo graphic UV, varnishing, slitting, sheeting, inkjet press and so on.

Our company mainly provides tablet coating machine, blister packing machine, automatic cartoning machine, softgel encapsulation machine, capsule filling machine, granulator, tablet press machine, medical mixer, medicine polisher, etc.

With almost 20 years experience in research and development of pharmaceutical equipment and packaging equipment, our company has always adhered to the principle of people orientation, innovation, rationality, utility and duability. We have high quality R&D and design teams, as well as a variety of advanced processing machinery and equipment, which help to provide high-quality products. Sticking to the tenet of quality first, price optimal, our company takes mass production mode, which reduces purchasing cost of raw materials and ensures systematic production.