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Tablet Dust Collector

CFQ-300 type tablet dust collector is specially produced to remove the dust on surface of tablets in such industries as medical, chemical, food and so on, which can fit into various types of tablet press machine and dust collection equipment. It is characterized by enclosed type, double sieve structure, high output efficiency, high dust removal rate, low noise, stable operation, continuous and adjustable speed as well as convenient to use and maintain in compliance with GMP design. Moreover, the performance index of tablet dust collector has reached the same level of foreign similar product.

Technical Parameter
Maximum quantity of tablet 550000 pieces per hour, testing data of φ6 round tablets-12mm
Maximum noise <82 dB
Distance of dust removal 3 meters
Air pressure of vacuum cleaner 0.2 Mpa
Electric power source 220V/50Hz/50W
Overall dimension 410×410×880mm
Weight 34 kg

As an experienced tablet dust collector manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiangnan Enterprise provides a wide range of products that includes automatic capsule filling machine, super mixing granulator, tablet press machine, and more.

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