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Tablet Printer

Tablet printer is an enclosed type product, which is entirely composed of stainless steel and meet the requirement of GMP. It features automatic print function, elegant appearance and convenient to operate and move, extremely suitable for printing fonts, trademarks and patterns on the surface of vacant capsule, solid capsule, soft capsule, as well as various types of tablets, irregular pills and candies. Equipped automatic vibrating feeder, our tablet printer can effectively raise the fill rate and the rate of finished products.

Main Technical Parameter
Vacant capsule 00#-5#>4862,42000 capsules/h
Filled capsule 00#-5#>4862,42000 capsules/h
Soft capsule 33,000-35,000 capsules/h
Tablet 5mm >7862,42000 pcs/h
9mm >55,000 pcs/h
12mm >45,000 pcs/h

Jiangnan Enterprise is a specialized tablet printer manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including horizontal cartoning machine, automatic capsule filling machine, fluidized bed dryer granulator, and dryer, among others.

Related Names
Tablet Printing Equipment | Tablet Manufacturing | Pill Identifier
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  • Automatic Open Capsule And Powder Taking MachineAutomatic open capsule and powder taking machine is a multi functional equipment, composed of stainless steel. It always serves to recycle capsules, featuring high working efficiency, low labor strength, transparent working process, and convenient to unpick and wash. Besides, our product has well solved the mixed batch problem for centralized treatment.