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Capsule Printer

Capsule printer is characterized by high working efficiency and low costs. In conformity with the GMP standard, all surfaces in contact with pharmaceuticals and the outer surface of our device consist of stainless steel. Besides, it is convenient, flexible for you by adoption of frequency control system and touch screen electrical control system. Furthermore, our product comes with advanced shutdown system so as to effectively protect all capsules.

Detailed Technical Parameter
Weight 230
Electric power source 220V, two phases, 50HZ
Total power 0.75KW
Motor power 0.25KW
Overall dimension, L*W*H 2000*450*1400mm
Compressed air 0.4Mpa
Production efficiency <100862,42000 capsules/h

This capsule printer is the best choice for two color printing on the surface of all models of capsules. According to the requirements of our customers, our product can also print fonts, patterns and trademarks to beautify the capsule appearance, raise the product grade, increase the advertising effect, enhance the company image as well as reach the anti fake effect.

As a professional capsule printer manufacturer in China, we provide not only medicine polisher, but also tube filling and sealing machine, medical mixer, tablet press machine, and more.

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