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Three Directional Movable Mixing Machine

HD type three directional movable mixing machine is a novel type product in replace of two dimensional movement of traditional equipment, which features highly effective, long service life and safe operation. It shows optimal effect especially for high degree of uniformity of the granules or powders with distinct humidity, flexibility and specific gravity. Besides, parts of our device in contact with medicines are made of imported stainless steel, which utterly comply with the GMP standard. Our product can be widely applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other areas for mixing different raw materials.

Main Specifications
Model Mixing Drum L Max. Load L Motor Power KW Revolution R/Min Weight KG Height of Material Outlet mm Height of Material inlet mm Overall Size mm
HD100 100 80 2.2 ≤15 500 600 1570 1580×1260×1600
HD200 200 170 2.2 ≤14 700 600 1680 1920×1550×1920
HD400 400 340 4 ≤13 1200 630 1900 2270×1670×2170
HD600 600 500 5.5 ≤13 1500 630 2100 2470×1860×2270
HD800 800 680 7.5 ≤10 2500 780 2300 2840×2200×2470
HD1000 1000 850 7.5 ≤10 2600 700 2450 29500×2150×2530
HD1500 1500 1250 11 ≤8 3000 850 2800 3403×2700×3120

1. Our three directional movable mixing machine is prominently characterized by unique design, fine production, low noise, polishing barrel surface, attractive appearance, convenient to feed and discharge, as well as easy to install, wash and maintain without dead corner, excess material and cross pollution.
2. In accordance with the discipline of three dimensional movements, this product can provide unusual directions of motion, including rotation, hovering, cross, upside down and rolling, etc. It possesses low height, small rotation space and large feeding coefficient of dry granular reaching up to 85 percent.
3. During the mixed workloads, it can eliminate the passive effect of centrifugal force and then thoroughly guarantee the self flowing and diffusion of raw materials, which can also prevent the gravity segregation, stratification and accumulation to meet the mixing material requirement of above 99 percent.
4. Moreover, this three directional movable mixing machine can be available for either frequency control or constant speed. It particularly adopts the well sealed butterfly valve, the firm casting parts as mixing rocker arm, as well as the driven shaft with automatically adjustable function to eliminate strong torque force.

As a China-based three directional movable mixing machine manufacturer and supplier, Jiangnan Enterprise offers a broad range of products that includes trough medical mixer, double cone medicine mixer, tube filling and sealing machine, medicine printer, and more.

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