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Flexo Printing Machine With Die Cutting

YR-II series flexo printing machine with die cutting is based on advanced flexo graphic advice as well as domestic and foreign process. It can be extensively applicable in wine, tobacco, medical and other industries for adhesive packaging and printing.

Main Technical Parameters
Applicable material Roll materials such as paper, film, aluminum foil, etc.
Printing color 1-6
Max unwinding/rewinding diameter 550mm
Unwinding/rewinding shaft core 3 inch
Reel material width 70-330mm
Printing width 60-320mm
Printing length 175-355mm
Max printing speed 60m/min
Overprint accuracy ±0.15mm
Printing plate thickness 0.38mm
Adhesive tape thickness 1.7mm
Max die-cutting area 350*320mm
Power supply 380V, 50Hz. 3-phase 4-wire
Main motor power 2.2/3kw
IR dryer power about 2kw/unit
UV dryer power about 5kw/unit
Dimensions, L * W * H about 2200*1150*2700mm, with 5 colors
Weight about 2400-3000kg

1. This flexo printing machine with die cutting features fast print speed, short production cycle, wide application, high economic efficiency, frequency control, great effect of background color, no pollution as well as fast dry speed.
2. In addition, it utilizes ceramic anilox rollers and transfer ink in order to make color hue equal, rustproof, wearable and long service life. By adoption of plate register function, each print unit is able to print independently.
3. Thanks to tension control system in control of air type unwinding and rewinding shafts, our flexo printing machine with die cutting is extremely convenient to load and unload the web material. The tension control system consists of tension sensor, magnetic powder brake, clutch and tension controller.
4. Besides, this device is equipped with IR dry system and die cutting station. This device can not only finish the printing and die cutting in one machine, but also accomplish paper feeding, printing, glazing, drying, laminating, die cutting, waste collecting and rewinding at one time.
5. Furthermore, optional system includes UV drying system, Mitsubishi tension controller, die cutting, slitting, cross cutting cylinder with cutter as well as video inspecting system.

As a specialized Flexo printing machine with die cutting manufacturer in China, Jiangnan Enterprise also offers adhesive label die cutting machine, drug inspection machine, tube filling and sealing machine, medical mixer, tablet press machine, and more.

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