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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZPW23 rotary tablet press machine mainly serves to produce different types of irregular tablets, such as double layer type, ring type and double side engraved type, in use of various granular materials. We can totally install 23 pieces of punches and dies in the turret, and the punch is composed of two detachable sections. Then, 23 tablets can be manufactured in one cycle of the rotation.

To reach the GMP standard, we adopt stainless steel to produce all spare parts of this type rotary tablet press machine in contact with granular or tablets. Moreover, its compression chamber without indoor painting not only should be utterly separated from the driving system, but also should be entirely sealed by transparent organic glass in case of pollution. By using continuous and centralized lubrication system, we can fully lubricate its driving system, tracks and major frictional parts so as to significantly reduce the noise, wearing and maintenance cost. In addition, our rotary tablet press machine comes with Programmable Logic Control and the function of auto diagnosis of defectives.

Technical Parameter
Model Unit ZPW23
Number of Station 23
Max. Diameter of Tablet mm 20
Max. Depth of Fill mm 18
Max. Compression KN 80
Rotary Speed rpm 10-40
Max. Capacity Tablet/h 55000
Power of Main Motor KW 4
Floor Space mm 930*950
Height mm 1850
Weight kg 1500

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