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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP3000 rotary tablet press machine serves to make regular or irregular tablets out of granular materials rather than semisolid, moist granule or power. It features fully enclosed, reasonable structure, stable transmission, man machine interface, and easy to operate, remove and install. Moreover, high speed makes its output about 1.7 times larger than ZP35B. Both cover and internal table face are composed of stainless steel. Our product can be mainly used in food, plastic, chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and powder metallurgical industries.

This rotary tablet press machine is double pressing type with pre press function, which can be suited for pressing Chinese medicines or large diameter tablets. Another two prominent functions are alarm function and sensor fault alarm function. In addition to PLC programmable control system, we also adopt quantitative lubrication system so as to effectively control the volume of oil at the oil supply part. Besides, we particularly take some measures to keep the turret face lustrous in prevention of cross pollution according to the requirement of GMP.

Technical Parameters
Model No. ZP3033 ZP3041 ZP3049 ZP3053
No. Of Stations 33 41 49 53
Type Of P/D IPT 1" or EU 1" D IPT19 or EU19 B IPT19 or EU19 BB IPT19 or EU19 BBS
Maximum Diameter, mm 25 18 14 11
Max. Speed Of The Turret, Min-1 40
Max. Fill Depth, Mm 18
Max. Capacity, Tablets/H 158,400 196,800 235,400 254,400
Max. Main Compression, KN 80
Max. Pre Compression, KN 15
Working Voltage, V/Hz AC 380/50 3phases
Power Of The Main Motor, KW 5.5
Machine Occupied Area ,mm About 960*1070
Height Of The Machine, mm 1920
Weight Of The Machine, kg 2200

Jiangnan Enterprise is an experienced rotary tablet press machine manufacturer based in China. Our products include single punch tablet press machine, tube filling and sealing machine, drug inspection machine, adhesive label die cutting machine, and much more.

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