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Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Single punch tablet press machine is a small desktop type product for electric and continuous sheeting, providing the function of pressing all kinds of granular raw materials into round ones. It can be available in labs for trial production or low volume production of various types of tablets, sugar pills, calcium tablets, pills of abnormal shape and so on. Besides, this device is allowed to adjust the depth of the filling material and the thickness of tablets, which can also fit into stamping die.

Main Technical Parameter
Item TDP-5
Maximum Pressure of Tablet 50KN
Maximum Diameter of Tablet 22mm
Maximum Depth of Fill 15mm
Maximum Thickness of Tablet 7.0mm
Production Capacity 3000pc/h
Power of Electromotor 750W
Revolving Speed of Electromotor 1400r/min
Voltage of Electromotor 380V
Frequency of Electromotor 50Hz
Overall Dimension 600*500*700mm
Net Weight 150kg

Jiangnan Enterprise is a specialized single punch tablet press machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including high efficiency tablet coating machine, automatic medicine packaging production line, and super mixing granulator, among others.

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