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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP1100 rotary tablet press machine is commonly used to manufacture various round tablets or irregular shapes of tablets in pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical and food industries. It features large working capacity, high quality, economical, convenient to operate and monitor, easy to maintain and adjust, long service life as well as rugged and efficient design, etc.

Main Technical Specifications
Model ZP1139 ZP1136 ZP1129 ZP1124
Number of Station 39 36 29 24
Tool Type BB BB B D
Max. Diameter of Tablet, mm 11 13 18 22
Max. Depth of Fill, mm 18 18 18 18
Max. Capacity, tablet/h 152,100 140,400 113,100 93,600
Rotary Speed, rpm 65 65 65 65
Diameter of the Shank, mm 19 19 19 25.4
Length of Upper or Lower Punch, mm 133.35 133.35 133.35 133.35
Outer Diameter of the Die, mm 22 24 30.16 38.1
Height of the Die, mm 22.22 22.22 22.22 23.81
Max. Pre-Compression, KN 15 15 15 15
Max. Main Compression, KN 80 80 80 80
Power of Main Motor, KW 4 4 4 4
Floor Space, mm 890 * 820
Height with feed hopper, mm 1800
Height without feed hopper, mm 1650
Weight, kg 1400
Control Unit Dimension, L*W*H, mm 600*370 *900
Control Unit Weight, kg 50

To meet the GMP standard, overall exterior of this product and all parts in contact with tablets are composed of stainless steel. Surface of those parts has been polished and sterilized. If customers require, our company can offer engraving on tablets.

Besides, we design to thoroughly separate the pressing chamber of our rotary tablet press machine from the gear driven system. By adoption of organic glass, we can effectively seal this chamber to provide better working environment. For longer lifespan, the gear system, trace as well as main friction parts must be totally lubricated by continual and concentrated lubrication devices. Also, our product comes with safety protection system, upper punch protection sensor system and PLC touch screen control unit. Furthermore, this rotary tablet press machine shows average compression value, and the upper limit of main compression can be preset.

As a China-based rotary tablet press machine manufacturer and supplier, Jiangnan Enterprise offers a broad range of products that includes high speed blister packaging machine, automatic strip packaging machine, automatic medicine packaging production line, and more.

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