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High Efficiency Laboratory Tablet Coating Machine

As a piece of high-quality, efficient, reliable, clean, energy-saving and easy-to-operate equipment, the BG-5H high efficiency laboratory tablet coating machine is widely used for coating tablets, pills, candies, etc. Manufactured in strict accordance with requirements of GMP, this machine adopts stainless steel to make casing, coating drum, hot air fan, exhaust fan, spray system and other components that contact tablets. The coating operation is conducted in a closed state without dust flying or syrup splashing. With a variety of application programs, this high efficiency laboratory tablet coating machine can record and print working conditions. The whole process is controlled by PLC and there are manual control and automatic control.

Combining hot air fan, exhaust fan, peristaltic pump, printer and other control systems together, this high efficiency laboratory tablet coating machine has small volume and is easy to operate. There are 1kg, 3kg and 5kg coating drums available, facilitating trial production of small quantities of tablets and exploration of the coating process.

Model BG-5H
Max. production capacity (kg/batch) 5
Diameter of coating drum (mm) 300 380 480
Diameter of drum mouth (mm) 150 200 200
Production capacity of coating drum (kg) 1 3 5
Drum volume (L) 2 4.5 9
Mixing baffle 4
Speed range of coating drum (rpm) 6-30
Power of coating drum (Kw) 0.37
Max. air volume (m3/h) 504
Power of hot air fan (Kw) 0.55
Electric heating power (Kw) 7.5
Temperature adjustable range of hot air (℃) Normal temperature~90 ℃
Power of air exhaust fan (Kw) 1.5
Power of peristaltic pump (W) 30
Overall size (mm) 1260×910×1610
Weight (Kg) 470

Based on the process requirements, operators can control the speed and air flow by the electric control system. There is a negative pressure test point in the upper box of the coating machine. The negative pressure can be controlled by adjusting rotation speed of the exhaust fan through the electric control system.

Air inlet and outlet of the coating drum are equipped with temperature sensors, the signal of which is input PLC and compared with the set value (80℃). The heat exchanger will be regulated based on the comparison result, thus achieving temperature control of the coating process. The control precision is ±1℃. There is a humidity sensor installed in the air inlet and the humidity signal is an important parameter for exploring coating technology. In addition, the tablet bed temperature can be directly displayed, preventing temperature error and making technological parameters more accurate and reliable.

A special imported spray gun is adopted and the atomization coverage area can be adjusted by rotating the nozzle cap based on the loading amount. The operation is easy to master and avoids influence on atomizing effect. The spray gun won't start spraying until the pressure reaches 0.3MPa while the atomization will begin at any pressure, ensuring the process order of first atomizing and then spraying. The phenomenon of dripping liquid during atomization is eliminated by firstly stopping feeding materials and then closing atomizing function.

This high efficiency laboratory tablet coating machine has a timed automatic gun cleaning function, which only takes one second to complete cleaning the spray gun. A manual cleaning device is also available. In addition, technological parameters of the production process can be automatically recorded in real time and can be printed as required, which avoids errors caused by manual recording and ensures true and reliable record.

As a professional high efficiency laboratory tablet coating machine manufacturer in China, we provide not only tablet coating machine, but also automatic cartoning machine, softgel encapsulation machine, and capsule filling machine.

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