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High Efficiency Poreless Tablet Coating Machine

As a piece of beautiful, efficient, energy-saving, safe and easy-to-clean electromechanical integration equipment, the high efficiency poreless tablet coating machine is widely used to make organic film, water soluble film, sustained-release and controlled-release coatings, and sugar coating for tablets, pills, pellets, watered pill, dripping pill, granule pills and candies in pharmacy, biology, food and other fields. Negative pressure, temperature and other technological parameters can be automatically controlled by PLC, which is very convenient. The main machine, hot air cabinet, exhaust cabinet, thermostatic mixing drum and cleaning system are all made by high-quality imported stainless steel, meeting the requirement of GMP. In addition, this high efficiency poreless tablet coating machine has passed EU CE certification.

Compared with the pored tablet coating machine, this high efficiency poreless tablet coating machine is applicable to a broader range, saves more energy and auxiliary materials, and is easier to clean. The coating drum adopts a poreless structure and is completely enclosed. The guide plate inside the drum enables tablet cores to move freely, preventing fragments and cracked edges. In addition, the drum wall and guide plates are processed by mirror polishing, improving the yield.

Item \ Model BGW300 BGW150 BGW80 BGW40
Load Capacity 300kg/batch 150kg/batch 80kg/batch 40kg/batch
Rotation Speed of Coating Drum 1-13RPM 1-16RPM 1-19RPM 1-21RPM
Diameter of Coating Drum 1500mm 1280mm 1006mm 825mm
Motor Power of Air Exhaust Cabinet 7.5kw 5.5kw 3kw 2.2kw
Flow of Air Exhaust Fan 10000m³/h 7419m³/h 5266m³/h 3517m³/h
Motor Power of Hot Air Cabinet 2.2kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 0.75kw
Flow of Hot Air Fan 3517m³/h 2356m³/h 1685m³/h 1285m³/h
Diameter of Feed Inlet 475mm 458mm 380mm 340mm
Main machine Power 3kw 2.2kw 1.5kw 0.75kw
Weight of Main Machine 1200kg 1000kg 800kg 550kg
Dimensions of the Hot Air Cabinet 900×800×2280mm 970×1150×2170mm 1040×920×2170mm 900×800×1500mm
Dimensions of Air Exhaust Cabinet 1050×1050×2100mm 1040×1340×2060mm 900×820×1850mm 820×720×1750mm
Host Volume (L×W×H) 1720*1600*2120mm 1450*1350*2100mm 1300*1040*1920mm 1000*1380*1540mm
Clean Air Pressure >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa >0.4Mpa ≥0.4Mpa
Air Consumption 1.1m³/min 0.7m³/min 0.35m³/min 0.15m³/min

The inhaled air is filtered to reach the purification level of 10862,42000. Exhaust uses a bag filter and the dedusting effect is up to 99%. The fan-shaped wind paddle can be either air inlet or outlet and aperture of the wind paddle ranges from 0.6mm to 3mm, applying to coatings of different specifications. Materials during working can be seen clearly through the explosion-proof lamp inside the coating drum, facilitating control of technology change.

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