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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP series rotary tablet press machine is double pressing, continuous and automatic revolving type product, featuring carved appearance, special shape and double color piece. It plays an important role in pressing various granular into round piece, extensively applicable in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and electronic industry.

Main Technical Parameter
Die Specification 23 stations 33 stations 35 stations 37 stations
Max. Pressure 100KN 80KN 80 KN 80 KN
Max. Filling Depth 17mm 17mm 17 mm 17 mm
Max. Diameter 28mm 13mm 13 mm 13 mm
Max. Thickness 8mm 6mm 6 mm 6mm
Rotated quantity 14-30r/min 14-36r/min 14-36 r/min 14-37 r/min
Production capacity 85000p/h 14862,42000p/h 150000 pc/h 160000 pc/h
Motor 3Kw 380V 50Hz,220V, 60Hz 3Kw 380V 50Hz, 220V, 60Hz 4kw 1440 r/min 380/50 V/Hz 4kw 1440 r/min 380/50 V/Hz
Overall Dimension 1300*1200
Weight 2000Kg 2000Kg 1700kg 1870kg

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  • ZPW23 Rotary Tablet Press MachineZPW23 rotary tablet press machine mainly serves to produce different types of irregular tablets, such as double layer type, ring type and double side engraved type, in use of various granular materials. We can totally install 23 pieces of punches and dies in the turret, and the punch is composed of two detachable sections. Then, 23 tablets can be manufactured in one cycle of the rotation.
  • ZP1100 Rotary Tablet Press MachineZP1100 rotary tablet press machine is commonly used to manufacture various round tablets or irregular shapes of tablets in pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical and food industries. It features large working capacity, high quality, economical, convenient to operate and monitor, easy to maintain and adjust, long service life as well as rugged and efficient design, etc.