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AL-PVC/AL-AL Blister Packaging Machine

Made on the basis of our company's manufacturing technology and experience for many years, the DPP-250 AL-PVC or AL-AL blister packaging machine has adjustable stroke, split structure, photoelectric register, capsule turning around and arranged according to color, and many other characteristics. This machine can conduct compound seal packaging for products in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Items Unit Range
Punching speed (standard) times/min AL-AL: 15-30
AL- Plastic: 20-50
Productive capacity pc /h AL-AL: 75000
AL- Plastic: 140000
Selectable feed stroke mm 30-140
Max. forming area mm×mm 240×130
Max. forming depth mm AL-AL: 18
AL- Plastic: 25
Finished standard sheet size mm×mm×mm 80×57×4
Total power kw 5.5
Motor power kw 1.5
Air pump volume flow m3/min ≥0.2
Packing material ( D×W ) PVC for medicine mm×mm 0.25×250
Aluminum foil for hot seal mm×mm 0.02×250
Aluminum foil for forming in AL-AL packing mm×mm 0.16×250
Overall dimensions ( L×W×H ) mm×mm×mm 3100×670×1650
Weight Kg 1500

The blister packaging machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation and the maximum speed reaches 50 times per minute. The stroke can be adjusted within 30mm to 140mm and the operation is very convenient. All parts that have to contact drugs are made by stainless steel and non-toxic materials. Our product can complete the whole process of forming, feeding, heat sealing, creasing and punching.

Positive pressure forming is adopted. The AL-AL blister packaging machine completes forming by the forming punch, which needs no heating and is thus energy saving. The AL-PVC blister packaging machine adopts contact register heating, which can delay start till the heating plate drops and limit the waste of PVC within one stroke. Furthermore, the heating power and temperature are reduced, saving energy and increasing stability of the plastic sheet. In addition, the packaging machine adopts double speed regulation feeder and the feeding ratio is 98% or more.

A pneumatic mechanism is used to complete heat sealing. During shutdown, the reticulate plate is automatically lifted by the cylinder, eliminating blister deformation caused by the heat dissipation of the reticulate plate. Meanwhile, the lifted plate can serves as a pressure buffer, which can prolong the service life of the machine. Our product is able to print batch number and automatically shut down when sheet is broken or runs out. In addition, an emergency stop device is set up, increasing the safety of operators during commissioning and replacing moulds.

As an experienced AL-PVC/AL-AL blister packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiangnan Enterprise provides a wide range of products that includes tablet printer, automatic open capsule and powder taking machine, adhesive label die cutting machine, and more.

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