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AL-PVC/AL-AL Blister Packaging Machine

Applicable to pack capsules, pills, tablets, health care products, candies, hardware and other items, the DPP-80 AL-PVC or AL-AL blister packaging machine is widely used in small pharmaceutical factories, hospital preparation rooms, drug research institutes, small pilot plants, etc.

With a plate structure, the AL-PVC or AL-AL blister packaging machine adopts helical gear reducer, which runs stably and has low noise and long service life. Plate size can be changed at will and items of any shape can be packed, such as elliptical, triangular, square, etc. In addition, this machine is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

Cutting Frequency (Times/Min) 10-40
Production Capacity(Strip/h) 4800
Max. Shaping Areas and Depth(mm) 130×100×26
Standard Stroke Range (mm) 20-110 (Can Be designed according to Users' Requirements)
Standard Sheet(mm) 80×57 (Can Be designed according to Users' Requirements)
Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 3.2kw
Main Motor Power 1.5
PVC Hard Sheet(mm) 0.15-0.5×140
PTP Aluminum Foil(mm) 0.02-0.035×140
Dialyzing Paper(mm) 50-100g×140
Mould Cooling Tap Water or Circulating Water
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2300×560×1600
Weight (Kg) 800
Noise Label ≤75dBA

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