AL-PVC-AL Blister Packaging Machine

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AL-PVC-AL Blister Packaging Machine

Adopting advanced technology at home and aboard, the DPP-250E2 AL-PVC-AL blister packaging machine can complete the three different packaging of AL-plastic, AL-AL and AL-plastic-AL, enabling the machine to have a wide range of applications.

Productivity 40000-400000 pcs/h
Punching frequency 15-40 times/min
Stroke adjustable range 40-130mm
Max. forming area and depth of PVC 240×120×18mm
Width of wrapper Tropic Aluminum: 250mm Aluminum foil: 250mm
Max. forming area and depth of tropic Aluminum 220×110×20mm
Heating plate power 2kw (Upper), 2kw (Lower)
Heat sealing power of AL-PL 1.5kw
Power of stepper motor 1kw
Power of main motor 2.2kw
Heat sealing power of tropic aluminum 3kw
Volume flow of air compressor ≥0.6m² /min (self prepared)
Overall dimensions 395×760×1820mm
Size of encasement 1550×760×1820mm
Weight 1800kg

This blister packaging machine adopts imported variable frequency governor and the domestic latest model of high-power transmission mechanism. The main driving axle is driven by multiple rows of chains, eliminating error and noise caused by gear transmission. Adopting photoelectric control system, the packaging machine is equipped with PVC, PTP and tropic aluminum feeding unit and automatic scrap rewinding unit, ensuring synchronization stability of ultra-long distance and multi-position.

The blister packaging machine adopts subsection design. One section includes PVC forming, feeding and heat sealing, and the other section includes tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing and punching. These two sections can be packed separately. In addition, material shortage detection device and granule missing detection and rejection device can be configured according to customers' demand.

Jiangnan Enterprise is an experienced AL-PVC-AL blister packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as automatic capsule filling machine, automatic medicine packaging production line, high efficiency poreless tablet coating machine and more.

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