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Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid bed dryer is a desirable product in compliance with the GMP standard, able to deal with such raw materials as large granule in size and small pellets with some adhesion. Due to its high speed mixing, we can use screw roller to extrude and vibrate powder raw materials. Also, our product can serve to dry humidity block or powder in food, chemical, feedstuff and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Our fluid bed dryer features round structure, convenient to operate and clean, uniform temperature and fast drying speed with the drying time from 20 to 30 minutes each batch. It can work under the situations of filtered air as well as negative pressure and seal. Equipped with a stirrer inside the hopper, our product can effectively form channel of flow without agglomeration of raw materials. Besides, we design the discharging system, so it is extremely convenient and full to turn over for discharging granule.

Technical Parameter
Item Specification
Amount of Feeding kg 60 100 120 150 200 300 500
Fan Air amount m3/h 2361 3488 3488 4901 6032 7800 10800
Air pressure mmH2O 594 533 533 679 787 950 950
Power KW 7.5 11 11 15 22 30 37
Power of stirring KW 0.55 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5
Revolution of stirring rpm 11
Steam consumption kg/h 141 170 170 240 282 366 451
Operating time min 15-30
Installation size for reference H1 mm 2676 2842 2862 2940 3014 3300 3650
H2 mm 2366 2532 2552 2630 2704 2800 3150
A mm 2440 2540 2540 2740 2840 2940 3140

We are a specialized fluid bed dryer manufacturer based in China. We offer a variety of products, including three directional movable mixing machine, intermittent/full rotary cutting machine, oscillating granulator, and more.

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