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Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Applicable to the automatic cartoning of medicine, food, cosmetic and other items, the WZH-180 horizontal cartoning machine is able to complete the whole process of transporting packaged materials, unfolding carton, loading items and leaflets, printing batch number, sealing carton and outputting finished product.

Model WZH-180
Encasing speed 150 Box/min
Carton Specification Quality request 250-350 g/㎡
Size scope(L×W×H) (55-220)mm×(20-80)mm×(12-70)mm
Leaflet Quality request 50-70 g/㎡
Folded leaflet specification (1-4 Fold ) (70-210)mm×(20-40)mm
Compressed air Air consumption ≥0.3m3/min 0.6mpa
Main Motor power 1.5Kw 380V 50Hz

As a high-tech product integrating mechanics, electronics, light and gas, the WZH-180 horizontal cartoning machine adopts advanced detecting methods and can automatically reject substandard products, which ensures qualified rate of finished products is 100%. The medicine packaging process totally meets requirements of GMP, thus effectively preventing drugs being contaminated.

The whole working process is controlled by PLC and the number of the finished products will be displayed on the screen. The main motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation and the times of cartoning can be set according to size and shape of the packaged objects. Besides, a man-machine interface operating system is employed, ensuring operators' safety.

High-quality stainless steel and highly transparent PC sheet are adopted to make the housing of the horizontal cartoning machine and all components that contact medicine are made by stainless steel and non-toxic materials, meeting requirements of GMP. Our product adopts the most reliable mechanical overload protection device which can protect the machine when emergency arising during working and reduce damage to the machine. In addition, in order to increase production capacity and reducing labor cost, this horizontal cartoning machine can be added with a set of automatic fed material transmitting device to form a packaging production line with the blister packaging machine, greatly improving work efficiency.

As an experienced horizontal cartoning machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiangnan Enterprise provides a wide range of products that includes high efficiency poreless tablet coating machine, high speed blister packaging machine, vertical cartoning machine, and more.

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