Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

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Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

The DLL-240 automatic strip packaging machine is used to pack tablets or pills in pharmacy, chemical engineering, food and other industries. With easy operation and stable performance, it can automatically complete vibration feeding, screening debris, counting, vertical and horizontal indentation, cutting waste edges and printing batch number. This machine feeds accurately and seals firmly. It is detected to be qualified by the Pharmaceutical Machinery Testing Center of the State Pharmaceutical Board and has passed Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal.

Model DLL-240
Rotation speed of the drum (rpm) 7-15 (stepless )
Production capacity (10 thousand pcs /h) 4-12 (related to the way of layout and the shape of the material)
Max. Packing Width (mm) 250
Medicinal polyethylene (mm) (0.05-0.1)×168
AL-plastic composite film(mm) 0.08×168
Aperture of the reel (mm) 40-45
Electro-thermal power 1kw×2
Main motor (kw ) 1.55
Air pressure (Mpa ) 0.4
Air flow (m3/min) >=0.1
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1800×900×1850 ( L×W×H )
Weight (kg) 850

The heating roller is implanted directly by the heating coil, which has long service life and is convenient to dismantle and replace. The heating roller is fixed by four axes, so the reticulate pattern will not be affected by the friction. Besides, high temperature resistant axes are adopted near the press roll of the heat sealing mould.

Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

Due to the adoption of PLC, the vertical granule number of the plate can be changed at any time, which facilitates changing layout of the drug without replacing the mould. Our automatic strip packaging machine adopts the dedicated blade used in paper cutting machine. With a long service life, the blade cuts clearly and is applicable to various materials. It is no need to change the blade when replacing the mould. In addition, a set of traction device is added, improving the effect of longitudinal indentation.

As a high-tech product in Zhejiang Province, the DLL-240 automatic strip packaging machine meets requirements of GMP, passes CE certification and conforms to national industry standards.

Note: National industry standard of soft double aluminum packaging machine (JB/T10641-2006) is officially implemented in April 1, 2007 and our company is the drafter of this standard.

As a China-based automatic strip packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, Jiangnan Enterprise offers a broad range of products that includes fluidized bed dryer granulator, rotary tablet press machine, tube filling and sealing machine, and more.

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