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Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

With elegant appearance, easy operation and a full range of functions, our DLL-160 automatic strip packaging machine adopts man-machine interface, PLC and variable frequency speed regulation. Meeting requirements of GMP, it runs stably and is durable.

With a high degree of automation, this automatic strip packaging machine can complete counting, vertical and horizontal indentation, cutting waste edge, printing batch number and punching automatically. The vibration type feeding can effectively remove dust and debris in the drugs. Hot press wheels with diameters within the range of 110mm to 140mm are applicable. The material control cam has equal rotation speed with hot press wheel and the equal division number of the cam is the same with the number of drug holes of hot press wheel, thus making the distance from the plate edge to the drug hole equals to distance between two drug holes.

Model DLL-160
Rotation speed of the drum (rpm) 7-15 (stepless )
Production capacity (10 thousand pcs /h) 2-6
Max. Packing Width (mm) 165 (can be manufactured according to user's requirements)
Medicinal polyethylene (mm) (0.15-0.1)×150
AL-plastic composite film(mm) 0.08×150
Aperture of the reel (mm) 40-45
Electro-thermal power 1kw×2
Main motor (kw ) 0.55
Air pressure (Mpa ) 0.4
Air flow (m3/min) >=0.1
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1450×600×1670 ( L×W×H )
Weight (kg) 600
Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

Punching is controlled by PLC, so the vertical granule number of the plate can be changed at any time, enabling users to conveniently change layout of drugs without replacing the mould. According to customers' requirements, the automatic strip packaging machine can be equipped with cursor tracking and register system and ink wheel printing device, which help to yield more beautiful printing pattern and clearer batch number.

We are an automatic strip packaging machine manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including horizontal cartoning machine, softgel encapsulation machine, semi automatic capsule filling machine, and much more.

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