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Jiangnan Enterprise is a professional pharmaceutical packaging machine manufacturer in China. Our products include tablet coating machine, blister packaging machine, softgel encapsulation machine, capsule filling machine, automatic cartoning machine, and more.

Main Products
  • Horizontal Cartoning MachineDue to the horizontal design, the horizontal cartoning machine will cover a larger area than the vertical cartoning machine. There are two models, WZH-100 and WZH-180, available. These two models correspond to cartons with different size ranges. The WZH-180 horizontal cartoning machine has higher work efficiency, but it consumes more energy accordingly. Customers can choose the appropriate model based on the actual needs.
  • Automatic Medicine Packaging Production LineThis automatic medicine packaging production line can automatically complete blister packaging, missing and broken pieces detection, waste plate excluding, leaflet folding and cartoning, plate cartoning and other steps, which is suitable for AL-plastic and carton packaging of products in pharmacy, cosmetics, food, electronics and other industries.